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A Digital Introvert, as he would like to call himself, Mark (or MJ) is passionate about social media and anything and everything digital. In his 6 years of experience, he has worked with a few organizations, brands, and individuals of whom he shared best practices for social media, content creation, and a bit of digital marketing with. He is eager to learn and definitely would want to know how he can help you!

Brands he has worked with

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Client's Problem

Our Solution

We established and followed our client's brand identity, making sure it is consistent in all their available platforms.

We also did the following:

  • Target audience research and established audience personas to ensure every content we produced is right for our client and their followers.

  • Connected the Brand to it's target market by establishing community groups.

  • Curated and tailored content for the client's target audience ensuring maximum reach, engagement, and possible virality.


Implementing all these ensured that our client's and our resources were maximized and utilitzed in order for their social media performance to grow!

Sample Graphics

Video Editing

Before Grunge Stamps
After Grunge Stamp

Client needed to simulate night time under clear skies and house wrapped in Christmas lights using a customer's photo of their house.

Logo Animation

Softwares used were After Effects, Premier Pro, and Photoshop.

Sample Posts

Other Works

Portfolio for Maureen Pacay

Collaboration with Rodel Elep Jr.


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your brand's digital presence with me!

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